Suboxone Prescription Program

For patients who qualify, CTS offers Suboxone Prescription Program. The CTS Suboxone Prescription Program is a confidential program which offers after hours and weekend appointments. Call any CTS location and inquire more about our Suboxone Prescription Program.

Filling Suboxone Prescription

Our CTS physician and Licensed Nurse Practitioners can write a Suboxone prescription for the patient to fill at a pharmacy. Suboxone prescriptions are offered in pill form. The CTS Physician and Nurse Practitioners select patients for Suboxone prescription program based on stability of the patient for off-site dosing.


Involvement in counseling during your SUBOXONE Prescription Program is mandatory. Counseling helps patients develop coping skills that can help them to avoid relapse and has been shown to significantly improve the likelihood of long-term treatment success.

Script Length Time in Treatment # of Consecutive Monthly negative drug screen Counseling Requirements
1 week1 - 90 days0Face to face 1x per week + 12 groups
2 Weeks91 - 180 days3Face to face 2x per month minimum
3 Weeks181 - 270 days6Face to face 2x per month minimum
4 Weeks365+12Face to face 1x per month