Guest Dosing Fees for Self-Pay

(CTS accepts cash and Maryland Medicaid for Guest Dosing)

  • Annual Guest Dose Fee - $25
  • Methadone Per Dose Fee - $25
  • Suboxone Per Dose Fee - $25

Required to Dose at Guest Dosing Clinic

  • Valid, current picture ID
  • Medicaid Card or number (if applicable)

Information Required from your Home Clinic Prior to Guest Dosing

  • Completed guest dosing form from Home clinic
  • Dates of guest dosing
  • Physician’s order form from Home clinic
  • Medications prescribed to you as well as allergies (If Applicable)
  • Consent to release information from Home clinic
  • 90 days of urine drug screens from Home clinic
  • 90 days of dosing history from Home clinic

One-week advanced notice prior to guest dosing preferred. Guest dosing can NOT exceed 30 days.